Spartan Class Schedule

Every Class Designed to FInd your Greatness

At the Spartan Nation, we believe in this mission statement. The Spartan Nation exists to emotionally balance, physically transform, and mentally elevate. Our classes help you become the best version of you, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

There are 3 categories of classes offered at the Spartan Nation which makes us very unique:

 1. Strength and Conditioning Classes- these classes help you gain lean muscle, shed fat, and become the chiseled warrior you hope to become. Activities in this type of class include weight lifting, tire flipping, rope drills, ladder drills, circuit training, and more. These are the get in shape classes. 

2. Fight Fitness Classes- these classes are a blast! Here you learn fight technique but only as a means to work out. You will hit heavy bags and target pads in these classes. Super fun and boy what a workout. These classes can help you burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour!

 3. Fight Technique Classes- these are classes where you get detailed instruction on how to throw a punch, wrestle, get a takedown, or a submission. Very detail oriented classes based on helping students know correct form on striking combos and wrestling techniques.

Most of our members enjoy ALL of these classes so come try a class and see which one is your favorite!

See ya soon- Coach Dan

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