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Damian Feria
Damian Feria
May 16, 2024
I started training here 1.5 years ago after a ten year hiatus. I read the reviews and saw what kind of guy Dan was and knew that was somebody I wanted in my corner. He has proven to be a great coach, team mate and friend. My wrestling has gotten so much better, my confidence has skyrocketed and I continue to become a better more rounded grappler and fighter. It’s a great environment to be a part of,lots of energy, lots of encouraging teammates who help keep you safe and help you to improve.
Jace Hancock
Jace Hancock
January 11, 2024
I've tried out over a dozen different gyms in across the country and even in different countries such as Brazil and Mexico. I've been to some of the "top" gyms in Arizona such as MMA lab and Fight ready that have had some of my favorite fighters from the UFC train there. To be honest at those gyms I felt like just another cog in the wheel and didn't get the hands on training that I thought I would and I didn't really feel like part of a team. I'm convinced that NO gym on this planet can hold a candle to the Spartan Nation. It is like a family here. Dan is more than just a coach, he is a mentor, a Leader, a competitor and over the years has become a friend and a brother to me. While attending this gym I've gone through a divorce, overcome addiction, competed in MMA and grappling with wins and losses and most importantly I've found myself. Spartan Nation has helped me immensely through ALL of that. Joining Spartan Nation has been one of the single best decisions I've ever made in my life. They really have everything I need. Jason's weight training classes are top tier and have helped me increase in strength at an unimaginable rate, Dan's technique, combat and conditioning classes are world class. His ability to simplify concepts and teach with clarity is unmatched. I've recently moved to St. George Utah and the first week at the MMA gym here I got offered a wrestling coach position. This is 100% thanks to the skills I've learned through Dan and the team at Spartan Nation. I could keep going! the sauna and regular ice baths, Mexico trips, podcasts and YouTube videos, their elevate program designed to help people build and achieve goals throughout the year. Coach Dan really is world class at what he does and has this down to a science. If your looking to Emotionally Balance, Physically Transform and Mentally elevate yourself, Spartan Nation is the place to be!!
Erik Suarez
Erik Suarez
January 11, 2024
My wife and I love this gym. The coaches are very attentive with us. The classes are challenging and interactive at the same time. And there is a great sense of community in this gym. Highly recommend.
Peter Imperialy
Peter Imperialy
November 15, 2023
I cannot say enough good things about Spartan nation. Coach Dan is a stand-up guy and it's a good example for the children he does have adult classes and sometimes they are mixed children and adult classes but he gives attention to everybody. He helps motivate them he shows by example. For my kid to be able to go 4 days a week and it still be as inexpensive as it is is amazing. I am watching my child grow and transform in front of me. They are pretty meticulous about how sanitary they keep the gym they've bleach the floors down before and after every session they have strict rules about shoes and socks as do not spread bacteria. Everybody in here is very respectful of each other. They even give a few free classes to see if you or your children enjoy the experience prior to having to pay
Matthew Wisniewski
Matthew Wisniewski
April 8, 2023
Great gym! Has a wide range of classes and quality coaching. Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or be the next UFC champ you will find classes and training that help you grow and learn
Myrna Wood
Myrna Wood
February 24, 2023
I wish I had found this gym sooner. I’m so grateful to have found Spartan Nation and started working out here. I have been training here five days a week for the past six months straight, and just renewed my membership for another year, because I love the classes and atmosphere so much. My husband also joined as well as my kids and they love the kids’ classes. There’s something for everyone in the family, whether you want to learn to grapple and strike, workout and lift weights, or get your kids into a class. It’s a very family friendly atmosphere and everyone is encouraging and inviting no matter who you are. The owner, Coach Dan is one of the most positive and uplifting people I’ve ever met. He believes in people, and I feel like that’s why Spartan Nation is so special. When I first started going I had never done any type of combat training and was very intimidated. Coach Dan made me feel like I fit right in and is the best teacher and instructor. I started out going only to the striking classes like mitt boxing/kickboxing, but I eventually fell in love with the other classes such as lifting, mma, and wrestling. Coach Jason does the lifting/workout classes and his are the best I’ve ever gone to, they’re always well structured to give you a good workout and push yourself. Coach Jason has helped me to learn a lot about proper lifting techniques and how to improve overall in fitness. He’s the type of coach that remembers your name after meeting you for the first time. If you’re looking for a gym to join for mma, wrestling, boxing, or even general fitness, Spartan Nation is the place.

Get started at the best gym in Mesa, AZ.

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